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We supply tools, standards and support for web content created by departments and individuals across campus.

Wheaton's Web Team works with staff, faculty and students to review and improve departmental sites and the college's site as a whole.

We redesigned the content in well over 100 sites and moved their management to a single, powerful and easy-to-use editing environment. Departments can focus first on sharing current, clear and compelling content.

Take a look at some of the sites, including all academic websites and the college's catalog. Each course listing includes a direct link to the course schedule as well as links to any related Connections (for example, BIO 112 or CONX 20012).

Along with ongoing improvements to departmental sites, Wheaton's Web Team completed significant under-the-hood refinements to enhance the college's overall site including search, quick links, quick access and access for mobile devices.

You can review Wheaton's policies in regards to your use of wheatoncollege.edu and insideWheaton.


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