Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Theatre and Dance Studies


Learning Goals and Outcomes for the Theatre and Dance Studies Major

General Goals of the Theatre and Dance Studies Department:

  • To create a work ethic characterized by self-discipline, generous collaboration, and consistently honest and imaginative on-stage efforts
  • To offer and receive constructive criticism
  • To critically evaluate and analyze a script
  • To understand and engage with abstract and contemporary texts
  • To develop research skills and make them a part of the rehearsal process
  • To identify key figures, crucial events, and important dates in theatre and dance history
  • To interpret precisely how societal conditions influence theatrical and dance production
  • To understand various dramatic theories and their influence on the development of theatre and dance
  • To identify how theatre and dance’s past continually informs its present
  • To understand the interrelation of global theatre and dance practices
  • To understand the balance between theory and practice
  • To build rigorous collaborative skills to apply in any ensemble
  • To foster time management and discipline – multitasking
  • To understand art and cultural movements
  • To build empathy skills
  • To develop critical thinking
  • To demonstrate commitment and follow through with choices
  • To demonstrate leadership skills
  • To build awareness of global approaches to theatre and dance making, histories and how they interrelate and inform each other
  • To experience  - collaboratively and professionally – the challenges inherent in developing new scripts for the theatre


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