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Managing Your Personal Web Content

Note: Personal Web Space is a legacy service and should only be used as a last resort for displaying your web content. Its primary use is for Computer Science students who are taking a Web Programming class with Professor Mike Gousie or Professor Tom Armstrong. This service is also available to faculty and faculty liaisons; however, before requesting personal web space please refer to the following web page which outlines where different content types should be stored: Publishing Web Content

How do I connect to my personal web folder on wcweb.wheatonma.edu?

Connecting From Within Windows 7

  • Single right mouse click on Computer and select Map Network Drive...
  • For the drive letter select W:
  • For the folder enter in \\wcweb.wheatonma.edu\www
  • Click on the check box labeled Connect using different credentials
  • Click the "Finish" button
  • In the User Name field enter in WC\wXXXXXXXX and replace wXXXXXXXX with your Wheaton w ID. (Note: Please don't forget the WC before your Wheaton w ID)
  • In the Password field enter in your email password
  • Select OK
  • See the section below labeled Automating My Connection Using Windows 7 to help save you time and effort when connecting

Connecting From Macintosh OSX

  • From the Finder menu select the Go heading then select Connect to Server...
  • In the Server Address: field enter in smb://wcweb.wheatonma.edu/www then select Connect
  • In the Workgroup or Domain field enter in WC
  • In the Name field enter in your Wheaton w ID using a lowercase w
  • In the Password field enter in your email password
  • Select OK
  • To make connecting easier in the future, you can hold down the ctrl key and single mouse click on the www volume icon on your desktop and select Make Alias. You can then take the new alias and move it into your dock so later on when you want to reconnect you can simply select the alias and it will ask you for your password.

Can I Connect If I Am Off Campus?

If you are off campus and wish to manage your web content you will first need to connect to the Wheaton network using the VPN client (Virtual Private Network). Once you have authenticated on the VPN, you will need to click the link that says "Launch NetDirect Client".

Next, follow either the Windows or Macintosh instructions above to connect to wcweb.wheatonma.edu.

Once you have connected to wcweb.wheatonma.edu you will notice a list of folders in the form of lastname_firstname. The content inside your lastname_firstname is available over the web through a web browser.

Viewing your content through a web browser

To view your content over the web, open up a web browser and in the Address bar enter in the following...


In order to keep links created on the old system from breaking, you can use any of the following server names in the address

  • fileserver.wheatonma.edu
  • fileserver.wheatoncollege.edu
  • acunix.wheatonma.edu
  • acunix.wheatoncollege.edu
  • faculty.wheatonma.edu
  • faculty.wheatoncollege.edu
  • www3.wheatonma.edu
  • www3.wheatoncollege.edu
  • student.wheatonma.edu
  • student.wheatoncollege.edu

Another step we have taken to keep links created on the old system from breaking is we kept all the same virtual folder names. If on the old system you had the following virtual folder paths they will work on the new system.

If you are a new user to the system then only the following virtual folder path will work


Student Use for Personal Web Space

  • Students will only receive a personal web folder if they are taking part in a Computer Science class that requires it (ex: web design course).
  • If the CS class is a Fall class then the student's personal web folder will be archived into a file named www.zip and it will be placed inside their "private" folder on the server netspace.wheatonma.edu on Feburary 1st. If the CS class is a Spring course then the student's personal web folder will be archived into a file named www.zip and it will be placed inside their "private" folder on the server netspace.wheatonma.edu on July 1st.
  • Students will be sent 2 email reminders between the time their CS class has finished and the date their personal web content will be archived.

Automating My Connection Using Windows 7

Here is a quick method you can use in Windows to make connecting to the server a whole lot quicker, just follow these steps....

  • Right mouse click on this link to a batch script and save the link to your Windows desktop.
  • Right mouse click on the new file on your desktop and click Edit (it will bring up your default text editor which is most likely Notepad.exe)
  • In the first line, replace lastname_firstname with your folder name, for example gibson_brian
  • At the end of the first line replace the wxxxxxxxx entry with your Wheaton w ID
  • Save the batch script and double click on it. A DOS window will appear and ask you to enter in your password, enter in your Wheaton email password and hit Enter and the program will map the w: to your personal web folder on wcweb.wheatonma.edu
  • This will work if you are located on the Wheaton network or you are off the Wheaton network and have the NetDirect VPN client installed and connected.
  • If you run into any issues with this batch script, please contact us at cgpro_admins@wheatonma.edu

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