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Keeping Safe While Browsing the Internet

Being Safe on the Internet

  • If you have to log in to a site - remember to log out
  • Don't auto-save your passwords to sites
  • Use secure sites when making on-line purchases - look for the HTTPS!
  • Never follow a link in an email that wants you to update account/personal information
  • Do not open unknown email attachments
  • Links may not be what they seem. Hold the mouse pointer over a link to see the actual link location (usually displays in the bottom left)
  • Do not run programs that are of unknown origin.
  • If you have a wireless modem and your own wireless network in your house
    • Be sure it is password protected! If not anyone in your area will be able to access it!
    • NEVER ENABLE FILE SHARING on your equipment
  • Make sure your computer is updated
    • Your operating system has current updates
    • Your antivirus and malware software is current and updated frequently
  • Browse the Web with an up to date browser
    • We suggest using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox if you have a PC
    • If you're using a Mac, we suggest using Safari
  • If you have had a problem with spyware try one of the following free anti-spyware programs for the PC:
    • Ad-Aware 6.0
    • SpyBot


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