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Securing Your Equipment and Data

Make Sure Your Computer, External Drives, Mobile Devices i.e. PDA, Smart Phones, Cell Phones, etc. is Secure and Protected

  • Use a strong password (see description below) to protect the device
    • Set them up so that before you can use the device you have to enter a password
  • Install anti-virus/anti-malware software and keep it up to date
    • Schedule this process to run automatically on a regular basis
  • Keep your operating system software up to date
    • Schedule this process to run automatically on a regular basis
  • Use a firewall (available in most operating systems)
    • A firewall is a program or hardware device that watches your network and Internet connection and helps block unauthorized access to your computer. The firewall controls what data can come across the thousands of ports that your computer can use to communicate with the outside world.
  • Use a password protected screen saver
    • If you are not using the device it will automatically turn on your screen saver or enter sleep mode and you will need a password wake it up and use it
  • Download data from "trusted" Internet sites
    • URL's that begin with HTTPS:
    • Use caution when visiting a Peer to Peer download site and/or using Peer to Peer software

Make Sure the Data on Your Computer, Flash Drive/External Hard Drive, and Mobile Devices is Secure

  • Use strong passwords on equipment. A strong password should:
    • Appear to be a random string of characters
    • Lengthy - 8 or more characters in length
    • Combine - random numbers, letters, and symbols
  • Protect passwords from misuse.
    • Don't let anyone else know or use your password.
    • Don't write it down; or if you must, keep it in a locked area or in your wallet.
    • Don't post it on your computer or anywhere around your desk.
    • Don't include the name of the system or the associated login ID with the password.
    • Change your password periodically, even if it hasn't been compromised.
    • Don't type your password while anyone is watching.

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