Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College

WheatonCollege - Wireless Network Instructions

Windows 7 Wireless Configuration
Follow the steps below to connect to the WheatonCollege wireless network. Note: The instructions below assume you're using the Windows 7 Wireless Utility. If you're using the utility provided by the network card manufacturer, follow their instructions for wireless network configuration. Use the following information:

Network Name: WheatonCollege

Authentication Type: WPA2-PSK

Encryption Type: AES

Network/Encryption Key: wheatoncollege

Windows 7 Wireless Configuration Instructions

1. Open the Windows Wireless Network Configuration utility by double-clicking on the icon in the Notification Tray.

2. Select WheatonCollege from the list of networks and click Connect.

3. Enter in wheatoncollege for the network security key and click OK.

4. Once it has connected you'll see the notification tray icon change.

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