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Disable Bonjour to use VPN

The Bonjour service which is packaged with iTunes for Windows is not compatible with the Juniper VPN. As such, Bonjour must be disabled before using the Juniper VPN.

Follow the instructions below to disable the Bonjour service on your PC. Information about the Bonjour service can be found here: Bonjour Service Info

1. Click on Start - Run

2. Type msconfig in the Open dialog box.

3. Select the Service tab at the top.

4. UNcheck the Bonjour service and click Apply and then OK

5. You'll see this dialog box. Click Restart if you have nothing running. If you have programs running then select Exit without Restart, close the programs, and then restart

6. The next time you start iTunes you'll receive a warning about Bonjour being disabled. Bonjour is not necessary for iTunes to operate properly. It is used to share music among local computers running iTunes and by the AppleTV product. If you need to use Bonjour for personal activities you can re-enable it following the instructions from iTunes. You will need to disable it again if you want to use the Juniper VPN.

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