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Juniper VPN Instructions for Windows

NetConnect Client Installation and Usage Instructions

Note: If you have a problem connecting, where the VPN client disconnects several seconds after logging in, please click here. Or call Tech Support at x3900. They can guide you through fixing a problem with Apple iTunes that causes this issue.

1. Download the installer: Windows Installer
If you're using a 32bit version of Windows 7 click here

1a. After downloading the client from the link above double click on the NCInst.exe file on your desktop

2. You'll see a dialog box as it installs

3. After installation is complete navigate to Start - Program Files - Juniper Networks - Network Connect 6.x.x and click on the Network Connect icon

4. Enter in vpn2.wheatonma.edu into the Sign-in Page field and click Go.

5. When the page displays enter in your Wheaton ID number and email password and click on the Sign-In button

6. A dialog box will be displayed as it connects

7. Once the client connects you'll see an icon in the Notification Tray

To sign-off from the VPN click on the icon in the Notification Tray and click Sign-Off. Do not click Exit as this doesn't fully disconnect your session and will generate an error the next time you connect.

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