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Juniper VPN Instructions for Macintosh

NetConnect Client Installation and Usage Instructions

1. Download the client here: Macintosh Installer

2. The installer will download and should run automatically

If it doesn't start automatically double-click on the NetworkConnect.pkg file

3. Follow the installer instructions...

4. Enter your computer Administrator password when prompted and installation will begin

5. Click Close when the installer completes

6. To start the Network Connect client locate it in your Applications folder and double click it

7. Enter https://vpn2.wheatonma.edu in the box next to "Sign-In at:"

8. Enter your Wheaton ID and email password and click Sign In

9. Once connected you'll see the Network Connect icon in the Dock

10. To sign-off from the VPN click on the Network Connect icon in the Doc

and click Sign-Out from the dialog box

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