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Copying Emails Locally

Below are instructions to set up an email client named Thunderbird within Windows so you can then view all of your email messages and copy them down to your local hard drive. (Macintosh users: there are brief instructions at the bottom of this page for doing this on a MacOSX system using the built in email application).

  1. Download the latest version of Thunderbird for Windows by going to this web site.
  2. Double click on the installation program and accept all of the defaults.
  3. The first time Thunderbird comes up it will ask if you want to make it the default email client. If you use another email program (like Outlook) click cancel, otherwise click OK.
  4. If the installation program asks you if you want to create a new email address click "Skip this and use my existing email".
  5. On the next screen enter in your full name, your Wheaton email address (ex: lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu) and your Wheaton password and click "Continue".

    The installer will find the following server settings to use

    Incoming: IMAP, imap.gmail.com, SSL

    Outgoing: SMTP, smtp.gmail.com, SSL

    Username: lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu

    Click "Done".

  6. On the left hand side you will see two sections, one named after your email address (ex: lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu) and another section labeled "Local Folders". Click on the "Inbox" located under the lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu account, this should expand all of the folders in your Wheaton Gmail account.
  7. Go into each folder within the lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu section and move all the messages into corresponding folders located underneath the "Local Folders" section.
  8. MacOSX User Instructions

    1. Within the "Finder" program go to "Applications" -> "Mail" (the Email icon might already be in your dock).
    2. Setup a new account by making the following selections...
      1. Account Type: IMAP
      2. Full Name:
      3. E-mail address: lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu
      4. Incoming Mail Server: imap.gmail.com (select to use SSL and make sure the TCP port is set to 993)
      5. Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.gmail.com (select to use SSL and make sure the TCP port is set to 465, also make sure the outgoing mail server is set to use authentication and enter in the username of lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu)
      6. Username: lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu
      7. Password: Your current Wheaton Gmail password
    3. Go into each folder within your Wheaton account and move all the messages into corresponding local folders.

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