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Secure Mail

E-mail is an official method of communication at Wheaton College. The College-provided email account will be used for communication of official information to students, faculty, staff and other individuals. Personal and confidential information as defined in local, state and federal law will not be transmitted via email.

If you have the need to share confidential information with others on campus please use the Dropbin method found here. If the person you need to share this information with does not have a Dropbin or cannot access a Dropbin please use our Secure Mail system.

Typical email messages usually cross unencrypted network paths in their journey. The receiving client (ex: Thunderbird, iPhone, Outlook) may use encryption when retrieving the message from the server but the path the message took to get to that server was most likely unencrypted. We created the Secure Mail tool as a way to guarantee that a message will remain safe throughout the entire path it travels (from sender to recipient).

    1. Log into the Secure Email web site here with your Wheaton wID and password.
    2. Enter the full name of the person you will be sending/receiving secure email with and select "Create Secure Account".
    3. If your request went through okay you will see a notice that the temporary secure account has been created. Check your Wheaton email account for information regarding the acccount. If there are already 3 secure email accounts on the server you will not be able to create your account at this time due to our email licensing terms. Secure accounts are removed after 3 days so check in the next day to see if a slot is available.
    4. You will need to call the person you created an account for and give them the following information.
      • The login address for Secure Mail: https://ws.wheatoncollege.edu/upload2
      • The user account used for logging into Secure Mail ex: secure-022e
      • The password for the temporary secure user account
      • The address the sender would send their confidential message to when logged into Secure Mail: ex secure-022e@outbound.wheatonma.edu
    5. Both parties will need to log into https://outbound2.wheatonma.edu using the secure account that was created. As that user the sender would address their confidential message to the full secure address (ex: secure-022e@outbound.wheatonma.edu). The other party will then see the message in the Inbox of the secure account. If they wish to send their own confidential message back they will need to (from within Secure Mail) address the message to that same secure address (ex: secure-022e@outbound.wheatonma.edu). Since both parties connect to our Secure Mail server using the https protocol and the message(s) that are sent never leave the Secure Mail server the transactions are secure from end to end.

NOTE: You must use Secure Mail (not your local email client) to send your message and you must address your message to the secure address in question (not the
recipient's personal or work address). This is what guarantees that the transaction remains safe during transit.

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