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onCourse 2 Pilot Project

Project Overview

The onCourse support team has implemented a pilot project to test the latest version of onCourse (Moodle 2.3), and several Wheaton College faculty are testing this version during the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters.  In Fall 2013, the entire campus will migrate to this version of onCourse.

To access the onCourse pilot project course site, login to onCourse 1 here, then look for the onCourse Pilot link.

What New Functionality and Features Does onCourse 2 Offer?

  • Drag and drop file upload - onCourse 2 introduces a very convenient drag and drop feature. You can now drag a file from your desktop into a topic area or when uploading a document drag a file into the box with the blue arrow and automatically upload it to your course. If your browser does not support drag-n-drop, you also have the ability to use a traditional file upload interface by clicking the Add button. Click here for a brief video demo of this feature.   Note:  Minimum browser requirements for the drag & drop feature are:  Firefox v4 (Firefox is the recommended browser), Internet Explorer v8, Safari v5, Google Chrome v11, Opera.
  • Duplicate a resource or activity - How many times have you wanted to easily duplicate a resource or activity for a weekly assignment. Well now you can. Click on the duplicateicon (in other themes may appear as 2X) to quickly duplicate an activity that you can edit.
  • Docking (collapsible navigation) - Tired of looking at the same blocks all the time? Would you like to improve the visibility and accessibility of your class content by minimizing the screen real estate used by blocks? No problem, just dock them! By clicking the small rectangles at the upper right of any block ((calendar, quickmail), etc.), you can turn it into a tab in a a clickable docking area on the side of your browser that expands when you click or mouseover it. You can also undock a block should you want to see it on the page again. You can also drag blocks to  the docking area.  The docking feature also means less scrolling to see blocks near the bottom of the page.  More information about this new feature is available here
  • Display a description on course page - In the past, you may have posted a document and then created a Label to explain the document. Now you can put that information into the Description field of the Resource settings, and choose to show it right on your course page by simply checking a box.
  • Combined resource/activity menu - no more separate add a resource or add an activity buttons. It's all one menu with helpful descriptions of each item.
  • Activity completion notification - This feature allows teachers to set completion criteria for activities.  For example, a teacher can require students to get 80% or better on a quiz for it to be considered completed.  Students have access to an activity completion report to see a checklist of activities they have completed.
  • My Private Files - Each user has a space for her/his own files.  They can be accessed from the Navigation block > My profile > My private files.  A file can be easily added to the front page of a course from this area.
  • Rubrics - onCourse 2 now offers teachers the option of creating rubrics for assignments.  When creating an assignment there is a category for grades.  Change grading method from Simple direct grading to rubric and create the rubric options.

onCourse 2 Help Documentation

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