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Developing the Main Page for Your Course

Course Main Page

This is what the default main page will look like with a topic format -


A few things to know about this page -

On both the right and left sides are blocks.  A number of these will appear by default and can be edited and relocated.  You can add others with your own content by turning editing on and from the drop down menu (bottom left block) "Add a block", choose from the list.

At the top of the page you'll find a Logout button and links to our current academic year courses, the previous academic year courses, and Organizations (clubs, departmental, committee sites etc.).  Below that is the bread crumb menu, which indicates the steps of your navigation to and within the course - Home > Courses > Miscellaneous (category the course lives in) > Test Course (course name).

Turn editing on:

Before you can do anything on your main page - add, edit or move anything, you need to turn editing on.  You'll find that option in the Administration block or in the top right just below the navigation bar.  The page will become busy with icons and a drop down menu for editing purposes.


Administration block -


The functions in this block will allow you to -

  • change the format of your page
  • change the number of topics or weeks
  • make your course available to your students, make grades visible to students
  • backup and restore your course
  • view or add participants to the course
  • view the gradebook

Icons for accessing editing features in onCourse pages:

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