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Backup & Restore an onCourse Site


If you want to use the content from one of your previous courses in a new course site and this site is Fall 2013 or later, you can use the backup & restore procedures described in this document.

If you want to use the content from one of your previous courses in a new course site and the original site is Spring 2013 or earlier, you can use the backup & restore procedures described below.

Note that access to a backup file of the original course is required to use each of the two procedures mentioned above, and faculty have the option to create their own course backup files while they have online access to a course site.  Note that online access to course sites is only available for the current academic year and the previous academic year, after which the sites are archived by the onCourse support staff.

To request retrieval of archived course sites and assistance with course content transfers you can contact the onCourse support staff.

Backup Your pre-Fall 2013 onCourse site

  1. Click the Backup button in the administration block of the course site you want to backup
  2. On the course backup settings screen, click the None link for user data.  This deselects all the user data checkboxesonCourse backup_restrore 1:
  3. On the course backup settings screen, change all the drop-down menus to match the following: onCourse backup_restrore 2
  4. Continue the backup process by clicking the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.  Repeat this step to arrive at the screen with the confirmation message "Backup completed successfully"
  5. Click the Continue button a final time to navigate to the file manager for your course site, where you can click the new backup file name to download it to your workstation:  onCourse backup_restrore 3

Restore to Your Current onCourse site

  1. Navigate to the Settings block of your current onCourse site and click the Restore link
  2. Drag your backup file from step #5 above into the file picker box.  Alternately, click Choose a file... to upload the backup file.  Click the Restore button to begin the process:  onCourse backup_restrore 5
  3. Because onCourse 1 (Moodle 1) is now an older version relative to onCourse 2, you will see a message informing you that your backup file is "not standard."  This is normal; click the Continue button:  onCourse backup_restrore 6
  4. For your destination choose Restore into this course.  Click Continue and Next until you get to the Schema screen.  Adjust the legacy course files setting to match that shown below, then click NextonCourse backup_restrore 7
  5. The Review screen gives you a final look at your settings before you click the Perform Restore button to complete the process
  6. Upon completion the system will send the message "
    The course was restored successfully, clicking the continue button below will take you to view the course you restored."

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