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Minitab installation instructions

Note: These instructions are for Windows only. Minitab is installed in many public computing spaces, including the Library, for your convenience.

Please follow these instructions very carefully. If you miss a step, Minitab will not install properly on your computer.

Before Installing:

  • Please make sure you are connected to the campus network when following the steps outlined below, via a wireless or a wired connection.  If you are off-campus, you can use VPN.
  • You must request access to the software folder prior to installation.

Please visit https://wcweb.wheatonma.edu/software/login.php
Log in with your wID and email password.
Choose  (Request Access) Minitab from the list of software applications.

Within 5-7 minutes you will receive email notification and instructions for downloading. However, please use the instructions below, which include downloading, installing and using Minitab.

Step 1: Downloading the software kit

  • Single right mouse click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive
  • For the drive letter select S:
  • For the folder enter \\netspace.wheatonma.edu\shared\software

NOTE: Make sure the slashes are going in this direction \\ and NOT this direction // 

  • Check the box for Connect using different credentials
  • Click Finish
  • A dialog box will pop up.  In the User Name field, enter WC\wXXXXXXXX (replacing wXXXXXXXX with your Wheaton w ID)

NOTE: Make sure your slash is going in this direction \ and NOT this direction / 

  • In the Password field, enter your email password
  • Select OK then Finish. You will now have access to the software server.

Step 2: Installing the software

  • Go to drive S, the software server, and open the software folder. (The same place where you requested the download.)
  • Open the Minitab_16_Windows folder
  • Drag mtben1611mu.exe to your desktop
  • Double-click the mtben1611mu.exe icon to launch the Minitab installer.
    • Choose Next
    • When prompted for Minitab License Manager Information, please type in the following:

License Server: fls.wheatonma.edu
Port number: 7551 (first check the box next to port number)
In Windows7, check the box to install as administrator.

  • Click Next,  Install then Finish, to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Using Minitab

  • You must always be connected to the network when using Minitab. Minitab will not work without a network connection because it issues a license for you to use over the network.
  • If you are off-campus, you must connect via the Virtual Private Network before launching Minitab: Click here for details

If you have problems with installing Minitab, please email lund_jenni@wheatoncollege.edu with details about your installation problem.

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