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Using Media Services (Service Level Agreement)

Key Staff

  • Ellen Kane, Director of Media Services

Service Summary

Assistance from Media Services for regularly scheduled classroom instruction is free of charge for faculty and students. Student organizations, faculty, administration, and staff requiring a technician for setup or operation of audio visual equipment for smaller events that occur during Media Services Event Support Hours also currently receive service without incurring a fee. Events that require equipment or staff beyond our means, or that take place outside of Media Services Event Support Hours are charged a fee. (For more details,see below) For these events, org numbers or other payment arrangements are necessary in order to book event support.

  1. Hours of Operation

    Event Support Hours (Academic Semester):

    Mon-Fri: 8am - 10pm
    Saturday: 2pm - 10pm
    Sunday: Closed

    Office Hours (Academic Semester):

    Mon - Thurs: 8am - 10pm
    Friday: 8am - 4:30pm
    Saturday and Sunday: Closed

    Please call Media Services (×3806) for operating hours during semester breaks and Winter/Summer intersession.

  2. 5 day notification prior to event required

    Media Services will make every effort to honor requests, especially academic requests, in the order received, when the requested 5 day booking period is honored. However, requests with less than 5 days notice, or requests to add technology to an existing booking with less than 5 days notice, will require an org number in case an outside vendor needs to be hired for the event. (See rates)

  3. Technology Equipped Rooms:

    There is no charge for use of rooms that are already equipped with technology. Media services also commits to no-charge setups in the May Room, the Woolley Room, and the Holman Room in Mary Lyon Hall, and in the President’s Dining Room (PDR) and the Faculty Lounge in Emerson, as long as requests are received at least five days in advance of the event. Please note that Conferences & Events will place you in a technology equipped room first if it is available. For all other spaces, there will be a $50 setup fee for events that are not directly related to a regularly scheduled class.

  4. Video Recording:

    Media Services will videotape academic events (e.g. class presentations and lectures) free of charge. For student events such as fashion shows and the Latin Feast, we will lend student groups a small camera. The one exception to this is TRYBE performances. These will be recorded by Media Services due to the lighting constraints in Weber, but we will need to charge for mini-DV tape stock. All other video recording will incur a fee. (See rates)

  5. Staffing of events:

    Media Services will determine whether a staff member is required for an event, based on technology needs and by communicating with the event requester. If requesters have needs for an event that go beyond what Media Services is prepared to provide, they may arrange for additional staff to be present for a fee. (See rates) If a requester determines that they do not need staffing for an event for which they plan to use Wheaton equipment, Media Services requires that the requester be trained on use of the equipment before the event occurs.

  6. Events requiring outsourcing

    There are certain events that are too large for Media Services to support on its own. Media Services will require requesters to pay for additional help from outside vendors for any event that requires:

    • additional equipment
    • additional staff to support multiple requests
    • support outside of the normal Event support hours

    Examples of this type of event include: Opening of College, Homecoming, Commencement, Presidents Commission, the Academic Festival, meetings of the Board Of Trustees, the Alumnae Panel, and Visiting Days (e.g. the Fall Glimpse). Fees for these events will be determined in consultation with the requester and potential vendors.

    Note: Some of these events have been partially outsourced in the past and some of the cost has been passed onto the requestor. In the future, Media Services will pass on the full cost of outsourcing these events to requestors and will add outsourcing to the above events even if they have not had it in the past.

  7. Fees During Peak Hours of Operation

    During times when more than four concurrent events are scheduled on campus that require significant Media Services support, the first four events requested on a first-come-first-serve basis will not be charged for services. Additional events beyond these initial four events that require staff or equipment will be charged a fee for services.

  8. June, July, and August Events

    Media Services uses these months to refresh AV equipment in various campus spaces. We also have a smaller staff during this time. Therefore, we do not generally internally support events during June, July and most of August. Media Services will arrange for outsourced support for events scheduled during these months. Please build these costs into your budgets for summer events. See rate schedule below.

  9. Outsourcing labor

    When outsourced labor is used, vendors must be chosen by Media Services for events that use Wheaton equipment. Media Services will train vendors on how to use this equipment and ensure that they have access to that equipment.

  10. Event Cancellations

    If a requester cancels an event or technology for an event, Conferences and Events must be told. If they are not notified 24 hours prior to the event cancellation, the requester will be charged a $50 fee.

  11. Equipping spaces with A/V

    Media Services contracts with outside vendors to install equipment in classrooms and meeting spaces. There is an equipment standard that Media Services has established. For example, security mounts are required for flat screen TVs, with an interface to plug in components, and the electrical connections wired behind the TV. We do not install this equipment ourselves. Media Services will only oversee the installation and maintenance of AV equipment if an approved vendor is used. We are not funded to install equipment in new spaces, so will require funds from departments interested in these installations.

  12. Rates for Videotaping, for Events scheduled outside of normal event support hours, and for events that are submitted with less than five days notice:

    The fee list below is a general guide, subject to change based on the scale of an event, staff hours required, and fluctuations in the cost of production materials.

    Staffing for Events:

    • Local Consultants/Technicians (subject to availability):
      $20.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum
    • Projection Technician (powerpoint/35mm slides or video):
      $20.00 – $50.00 per hour
    • Stagehand – General:
      $25.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum
    • Professional Technicians:
      Pricing is determined according to the size of the event and availability of vendors to staff the event.

    Video and Audio Recording Services:

    • Local Consultants/Technicians using Wheaton Equipment (subject to availability):
      $20.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum
    • Professional Recording:
      Equipment Fee (use of vendor-supplied camera) : $225.00
      Videographer Services: $37.50 per hour with a 4 hour minimum, plus cost of tape stock
    • Audio Technician: $47.00 per hour

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