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Loaning Laptop Computers

Purpose: Library and Information Services (LIS) recognizes the occasional need for some members of the Wheaton community to borrow college owned laptop computers on a short-term basis. This document briefly outlines the practice, conditions, and administration of loaning laptop computers to members of the Wheaton community.

Eligible Borrowers: All Wheaton faculty and staff employees are eligible to borrow from the LIS laptop computer loaner pool. Wheaton students are not eligible, although occasional exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis when sponsored by a faculty member. Requests for student use of loaner laptops can be made to the Director of Technology Support:

Sue Morgado
Director of Technology Support

Faculty and Staff can request a loaner laptop by filling out the form located here

Eligible Uses: This laptop loan service is intended for faculty and staff employees who have a short-term need for a computer, such as a professional conference or workshop, a brief period of off-campus field work, admissions and advancement work, and other activities associated with official academic or business operations of the college. If necessary, the Vice President for Library and Information Services will confer with the Provost and/or other college officers to determine whether a particular request falls within the eligible use guidelines.

Ineligible Uses: LIS recognizes the desirability of including more eligible uses for its laptop loaner service. However, funding constraints compel us to place priority on meeting demand for limited duration use. Consequently, laptop computers in the loan pool are not available for faculty on sabbatical or other official leaves of absence. Neither are laptop computers available for staff employees working under either short- or long-term telecommuting agreements, or other leaves of absence.

Faculty members who plan to be abroad for extended periods or staff employees who travel extensively should make arrangements with their department chair, the Provost's Office, or their supervisor to acquire laptop computers via routine budget requests or discretionary spending mechanisms.

Loan Period: Loan periods for laptop computers generally do not exceed one week's duration without prior approval granted by the Director of Technology Support. Loans are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Loan reservations are accepted up to 60 days prior to a desired loan period.

Population of Loaner Computers: At current funding levels, LIS can allocate a small number of computers and these are the types of computers in the current pool of loaner laptop computers:

  • Windows laptop computers
  • Macintosh laptop computers
  • iPad

Further details about specific loaner laptop computers are available by calling the Technology Support help line: x3900.

Computer Projection Equipment: On campus demand and funding constraints prevent LIS from lending projection equipment for use with laptop computers from the loaner pool.

Administration: The Director of Technology Support administers the LIS laptop computer loaning service. To initiate a loan, contact:

Sue Morgado
Director of Technology Support

Loaner computers are issued from the Technology Support Center on the Periodicals level of the Library.

Accountability for Loss, Theft, or Damage: Individual borrowers are held responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing a laptop computer that is damaged or lost during the loan period. Each borrower is required to sign a form indicating consent to this arrangement before a laptop computer is provided for loan.

Modifications to the Service: LIS will review this practice semi-annually in January and July with the intention of improving or revising this service.

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