Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College

Graphic Design Computer Lab


Mars Arts & Humanities 2nd Floor, room 223

What is this place?

The Mars Graphic Design Computer Lab is a technology enhanced art studio equipped with 13 Intel iMacs with built-in CD/DVD burners as well as FireWire and USB connectors for connecting external peripherals such as drawing tablets, digital cameras and video cameras. There are flatbed scanners with transparency capabilities. There are large format 13x19 archival ink jet printers and a black & white laser printer.

What can we do here?

The primary applications of PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign (CS6), and Lightroom 4 are installed on all machines. In addition, since they are Macs, iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, Garage Band and iDVD are also present. Microsoft Office is also on these computers here if you need it.

Who can work here?

The GDCL is not a public lab. Access to this teaching lab is limited to those enrolled in the Graphic Design, 2D, Photo or other studio art classes or by special permission. You'll need to know more than the average computer user to make good use of the specialized equipment in the lab. Training will be offered in basic use and advanced use on an ongoing basis.

The GDCL has key card access.  If you are enrolled in a Studio Art class that uses this Lab your ID card should be enabled for access.

What are the printing policies?

As far as the Epson Archival Inkjets are concerned, we'll keep the ink well stocked but you must supply the paper. The paper you choose will critically affect the quality and appearance of your printout. Recommended papers include: Epson Enhanced Matte Paper (S041341), Epson Premium Semigloss Photo Paper (S041331), Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper (S041405) and Epson Watercolor Paper-Radient White (S041351). You will have to purchase this paper on your own. Best Buy or Staples in Mansfield are potential sources. The laser printer uses plain bond which is provided.

Where do I store my work files?

The computers in the GDCL are all running Deep Freeze, a program that will return the image of the computer to it's original configured image when rebooted.  The act of rebooting will also delete any files left on the desktop. Temporary storage is allowed on theThawspace on the desktop, but this space is emptied at the end of each semester. In addition, all user files are removed at the end of the semester. Backup your important files to CDs or USB flash drives.

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