Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College

Junos Pulse Instructions

Junos VPN client for iPhone/iPod/iPad (version 4.1 or greater)

Open the App Store on the iPhone and search for Junos Pulse VPN client.

Select the app and install

After installing, start the Junos Pulse app.,  Select Configuration

Add new configuration

Enter a name for the Connection: Wheaton VPN

Enter the URL of the VPN: https://vpn2.wheatonma.edu

After the configuration is complete select Connect, to connect to the Wheaton VPN sign-in page

Enter your Wheaton ID and email password and select sign-in

Once connected you’ll see this page (notice the VPN icon in the notification area):

Click the Home button and connect to on-campus resources.   To disconnect from the VPN select the app from the list of running apps (or select it from the home screen) and then click Disconnect.

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