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Shared iPad Pool


Technology Support provides a shared pool of iPads which are available to Wheaton faculty for instruction purposes in their courses and teaching initiatives on a first come, first serve basis. Technology Support will need a 30 day notice to arrange for them to be scheduled and configured for your use. The shared pool consists of 30 iPads and should be enough to allow each student in a single course to be assigned a device. After a reservation has been arranged between faculty and Technology Support, iPads can be checked out directly from the staff at the library circulation desk by either faculty or the students enrolled in the course for which the reservation was made. The iPads will be returned to the circulation desk staff at the end of the loan period.

Whoever signs for the iPad is responsible for it, any accessories, and for bringing it back by the agreed upon date. They will be responsible for loss, damage, and theft of the iPad and accompanying accessories. The faculty’s department will be charged back or students will be charged directly on their accounts for any damages or loss.

These iPads may be scheduled to be used a minimum of two weeks up to a maximum of one semester. After each use they must be returned so they can be wiped and made ready for the next requested use. If they are not returned by the agreed upon return date your department or student account will be charged for the missing item(s).

How it works

A faculty member must complete an iPad Pool Request Form at least thirty days in advance of the class or use. All the information Technology Support needs will be listed on the request form and there will be an extra field to request anything that was not included on the form. Faculty may contact Technology Support at support@wheatoncollege.edu or by calling 508.286.3900 with any questions they may have or for assistance completing the form.

If the devices are available they will be scheduled and configured according to your requested needs. If an app is not available from our inventory it will need to be purchased. You will be contacted and asked to provide an org number to charge for the purchase. Once completed Technology Support will deliver the device(s) to the Circulation Desk where they will be ready to be picked up by your requested pick up date.

How the iPads are Configured

These iPads are shared resources, used by other Wheaton classes, students, and faculty for their academic work. As such, they are not configured as a personal device would be. Users will not be able to set up their own personal iTunes account to make personal purchases (videos, music, apps, etc.). They will not be able to be synced to a personal AppleID or iTunes account (use DropBox for data management). Each iPad will be configured from the information faculty provide on the iPad Pool Request Form and Technology Support will be the administrator for each device which means any app install or app removal will need to be done by Technology Support. When each device is returned it will immediately be wiped and prepped for the next requested use.

Who to Contact for more Information

Please contact Technology Support at support@wheatoncollege.edu or call 508.286.3900 with any questions you may have or for assistance completing the form. Technology Support is responsible for device scheduling and configuration only. Any questions regarding the use of iPads in your class or for your class should be referred to your Faculty Liaison.

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