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Wheaton supports the Microsoft Office Suite. All software available for free download can be found here. Microsoft media (CD/DVD), can also be purchased through LIS Technology Support. This software is covered under our Microsoft Annual Campus Agreement (current agreement will be up for renewal in June of 2017) and is available to all Wheaton College staff and faculty. Wheaton's Microsoft Annual Campus Agreement allows you to "use" and not "own" this software (regardless of installation method) as long as you are an employee of the college, or while the Campus Agreement is valid. If you end your association with Wheaton College for any reason, or if the college chooses not to renew the portion of the Microsoft Annual Campus Agreement that covers your installation, you will be required to remove the installed applications from your computer. The key code included with this media is an upgrade, and only allows two installations on a single computer (original install and one reinstall if necessary).

If you would like to purchase a copy of any Microsoft product, instead of "using" the rights under our campus agreement, please contact Technology Support at x3900.

The following products are available for you to purchase at an educational discount:

    Windows 8 Pro Upgrade (32 and 64 bit)
    Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade (32 bit)
    Windows 7 Pro Upgrade (32 and 64 bit)
    Microsoft Office Plus 2010 (32 bit)
    Microsoft Office Standard 2011

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