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image by Flickr user akakumo

image by Flickr user akakumo


Your Classroom Might Benefit From Google Drive If:

Your students are composing documents, spreadsheets or presentations as a group. Not only can they collaborate when they're not in the same room together, Google Drive keeps a full record of participation by email address.

Students revise written assignments based on your comments (or each other's). Google Drive uses a commenting system that ties marginalia to selected text. Students can mark your comments as "resolved" when they make revisions and you can review the changes they made and when.

Students are presenting in-class on a tight schedule. Put all the slideshows in a single Google Drive folder shared with the whole class. You'll cut most of the setup time between presentations.

Google Drive @ Wheaton

  • Betsey Dyer used Google Spreadsheets in the lab to collect student data on the fly and share it back instantly
  • Lisa Lebduska used Google documents to collaboratively prepare documents with colleagues on other campuses
  • Kathryn Tomasek had her class of a dozen or so students transcribe historical account books into a single Google Spreadsheet. Students could see others' contributions as they were transcribing
  • Domingo Ledezma and his students wrote Spanish compositions in Google Drive with an intensive--but easy to administer--revision process.
  • The Filene Center uses a webform made in Google Drive to keep track of peer tutor consultations.
  • Research and Instruction uses Google Documents all the time when information needs to be collected and shared, or when a document draft needs to be checked and amended

Interested in using Google Docs? Your Technology Liaison can give you the strengths and weaknesses and have you up and running in no time (really!).

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