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Blogger, Google's platform for creating and hosting weblogs, is Wheaton's primary tool for courseblogs. It is notable for its integration with other Google services, ease of use, and flexibility.

For understanding Blogger's core functions, Google's support documentation for Blogger is exhaustive, offers step-by-step tutorials and is kept up-to-date.


Wheaton-specific FAQ

How can I ensure continued access to my old blogs?

Google will only delete blogs that violate its content policy but any number of scenarios provide reason to export a blog off of Blogger. Google offers a support page for the export process.

When you leave Wheaton your google account associated with the college is be closed and will no longer provide access to any associated blogs. LIS recommends adding a non-Wheaton Google account to your blogs prior to departing the college to maintain access.

What does Google do with my information that I put into Blogger?

Blogger is covered under Google's general terms of service, which is separate from the terms of service for most Google services provided through your Wheaton college account.

Does Wheaton support course blogs in platforms other than Blogger?

Yes. Wheaton hosts its own WordPress server, Acadblogs, for course blogs and websites that cannot work on the Blogger platform. If you aren't sure which platform is right for your course, contact Pete Coco at coco_pete@wheatoncollege.edu or at (508) 286-3924.

Pete also provides pedagogical support for teaching course blogs on any platform. This includes assignment design and recommended blogging policies. The R&I community of practice "Clouds and Crowds" provides mutual support to faculty teaching with digital tools like blogs and is open to all faculty.

Who should I talk to if I have any questions about Blogger or course blogging?

Feel free to contact Pete Coco at coco_pete@wheatoncollege.edu or at (508) 286-3924.


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