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Storm Preparation for Computer Equipment

Posted on October 26, 2012

Who: Wheaton College Faculty, Staff, and Students
What: Preparing Your Computer Equipment for the storm

In anticipation of the storm on Monday and Tuesday please take the following precautions as you leave the campus each day until the storm passes:
Be sure to have a recent BACK UP of YOUR DATA and it is safe.
Be sure to turn off and if you can, unplug all computers, printers, MFPs, and other technical equipment in your area.
If we lose power- equipment left on could be damaged when the power comes back on and loss of data can occur along with these damages.
If equipment is located near a window- turn off, unplug and move it (if you can), turn the keyboard over, and cover everything with trash bags.
If the roof leaks or a window breaks your equipment will be protected.
To be on the safe side, especially if you are in a area known to get wet, be sure to raise items such as, power strips, extension cords, computer towers, and anything electrical or that may be damaged by water off of the floor and out of harm’s way.

When you return to campus and the storm has passed:
If you suspect your computer equipment may have gotten wet or is in an area that is wet, DO NOT PLUG IT IN OR TURN IT ON, call 3900 ASAP and we will check the equipment out.
If the area and your equipment are dry, please remember to plug in all equipment before turning it on.
Please follow the same precautions with your personal computer equipment.

Be safe~

If you have any questions please contact Technology Support at 508.286.3900 or email support@wheatonma.edu

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