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Teaching with Technology

About Communities of Practice

Wheaton's communities of practice bring together the faculty who are using or considering the use of new technologies in their teaching.

Guiding Principles

These communities are modeled to be open, productive, and fluid all towards the goal of greater support and a broader cross-pollination of technology-related pedagogy amongst faculty.


Our communities of practice are open to all members of the faculty and teaching support staff interested in a given technology or technology-related pedagogy. Anyone eligible to join our communities of practice is also welcome to propose new ones.


Our communities of practice are productive, using in-person “tiger team” meetings to draft rough support and pedagogical materials useful to those who are using or considering use of the technology in question.


Our communities of practice are fluid, requiring no long-term commitment from members. Members attend meetings or do not depending on their availability and interest.


Communities of practice at Wheaton follow a blended model with three components

    • online discussion
    • face-to-face "tiger team" meetings called to produce resources of community-relevance
    • online content produced by our face-to-face meetings

Communities of practice are administered by R&I liaisons, who:

    • Aid in Identifying potential communities of practice for various technologies and technology-related pedagogies used at Wheaton. Faculty are always welcome to nominate communities of practice.
    • Organize “tiger team” working sessions and guide discussion.
    • Usher the rough documents generated in “hot group” sessions through a post-meeting review process that ensures inclusion and efficient use of faculty time.
    • Publish community of practice materials online.
    • Moderate and guide follow-up discussion, whether online or in-person.

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