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Clouds and Crowds: Leveraging Google Drive for Active, Collaborative Learning

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Tools like Google Drive provide a pedagogical opportunity for collaborative knowledge production in our classrooms. This community of practice will explore how cloud computing and crowdsourcing can together facilitate student group work, peer review and active learning all the while potentially simplifying certain tasks in course administration (including grading!). We’ll focus on Google Drive, the cloud platform most fully-supported at Wheaton, but also consider other solutions related to the cloud and crowd-sourcing.

Flips and Clips: Flipped Classrooms and Media Capture in the Liberal Arts Context

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Render unto the classroom what is the classroom’s--the rest can go online. Web technologies allow us to rethink the line between time spent in-class and time spent elsewhere. How do we best deliver course content to students outside of class? How can we best leverage online platforms and formats to give our students the most high-impact and hands-on-- the most Wheaton-- experience possible in our face-to-face meetings?  We'll focus on video but also consider other media formats that can be used to deliver content to students.

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