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Staff News: October 2012

  • Wheaton College Hosts a Food Summit

    Wheaton College Hosts a Food Summit

    Through the collaborative efforts of the Office of Service, Spirituality and Social Responsibility (SSSR), the student food group AfterTaste, Professor Donna Kerner and students of her Anthropology class, FEAST or Famine, all came together to host a series of talks about food. Over the course of three nights conversations were held on food topics ranging from community-supported agriculture (CSA), to genetically modified foods, food deserts, what it means to be organic, what it means to be vegan, and so many more topics of food. The conversations carried from one night to the next.

    Table Talk, facilitated by Professor Kerner, was the opening event of the Food Summit. Donna welcomed guest speakers from Crystal Springs Earth Learning Center, and from the organization The Red Tomato, both from Plainville, MA. On the second night of the Food Summit, students welcomed a guest speaker from the Humane League who talked about animal rights, unethical treatment of animals and the inhumane conditions and poor practices that still exist in many food industries. The final event of the summit was much more positive. This event, How to Start a Working Farm, provided a first hand account of two young women from Rosasharn Farm, who did just that, becoming farmers while still in college.

    For more information, please click on the above links or contact Bernice Morrissey to learn more about the slow food movement on campus.

  • Election Results

    Election Results

    'got your attention, didn't we? Meet the newest members of the Planning and Priorities Committee of the Staff Association, voted in last week by Wheaton Staff:

    • Kristen Turcotte '99, Director, Events and Conferences
    • Matt Cushing, Sr. Assistant Director, Admissions Office and Head Coach of Wheaton Soccer Program

    The Planning and Priorities Committee (PPC), a college administrative affairs committee,  consists of three tenured and two non-tenured members of the teaching faculty in addition to four staff members, three students, and two college officers (Provost and Vice President for Finance and Operations). The three tenured members, representing the three academic divisions, will serve staggered three-year terms. The non-tenured members are elected at large, in or beyond their third year, representing different divisions, and will serve two-year terms. Untenured faculty members who receive tenure while serving shall nevertheless serve out the remainder of their terms in their untenured slots. The Committee will be co-chaired by a tenured faculty member and a member of the staff.

  • Staff Council Meetings for Academic Year 2012-2013

    Staff Council encourages all Wheaton staff to participate in these meetings each month.

    Note: Save the date of December 10. The President, Provost and Financial Officers will be answering your questions as submitted during the All-Staff Meeting in October.

    • Tuesday, September 11, 2012, Lyons Lounge
    • Tuesday, October 9, 2012, All staff, Hindle Auditorium
    • Tuesday, November 13, 2012, Lyons Lounge
    • Tuesday, December  10,  2012, New Yellow Parlor
    • Tuesday, January 8, 2013, Lyons Lounge
    • Tuesday, February 12, 2013, Lyons lounge
    • Tuesday, March 12, 2013, All Staff Meeting, Hindle Auditorium
    • Tuesday, April 9, 2013, Lyons Lounge
  • A Beautiful Day for Yoga

    A Beautiful Day for Yoga

    It was a Friday and it was one of those perfect fall days—the kind that beckons you outdoors. What better way to seize the day than to relax with outdoor yoga!

    The children at the Elisabeth Amen Nursery School were guided by yoga instructors, Danny Dwyer and Bizzy Pelaggi, and introduced to yoga. Danny is the founder of the charity Front Line Yoga which donates yoga mats, clothing, personal care items, time and instruction to homeless populations.

    We were delighted they shared their time with us. The children began with some gentle stretching, explored creative imagery postures, added a little dynamic strengthening and focus activities, and finished with minds and bodies at ease!

    —Submitted by Marie O'Malley


  • Gmail and Google Calendar are coming

    Gmail and Google Calendar are coming

    You've heard the buzz about Gmail at Wheaton... Get a head start now. Why compete with the whole college for support when the whole campus migrates to Gmail in January? It’s relatively painless and if you move now, you’ll have support all to yourself. (Oh, you lucky people!)

    Here are some facts that will help ease your transition to Gmail and Google Calendar:

    • Gmail will be replacing Webmail for email. Webmail will be going away in January 2013.
    • Thunderbird will be the supported desktop email client (but you can use any client you want and we’ll even provide you with the settings you’ll need to set it up).
    • Meeting Maker will be going away and the calendaring system everyone will use is Google Calendar. This transition will occur in 2013.
    • Everyone will go from 5GB to 25GB of storage space (no more “Dear John/Jane" emails about going over your quota).
    • Once we have migrated over to Gmail and Calendar in 2013, it won’t matter what your mobile device is or where you are in the world. Google will be accessible. (See ya' later, Meeting Maker and Notify Link!)
    • We have already migrated 90 faculty and staff to Gmail and we haven’t lost anyone yet!
    • There are about 40 more people ready to go. Come on, call us… you know you want to do it.)
    • We have been gathering feedback from all the folks who have already migrated and making changes to documentation and to the migration process so that every future migration will be smoother that the one before.
    • We are committed to making this as easy as we can for you and have created a great migration plan to make it possible.
    • We have created a demo session to show you how easy Gmail and calendar are to use. The demos are quite popular and fill up fast so please continue to send your name into Sue Morgado (at morgado_sue@wheatoncollege.edu) or Jessie Durand (at Durand_jessie@wheatoncollege.edu) or call  508.286.3900. As the list fills up, we’ll schedule more sessions.

    OK? What are you waiting for? Call Sue, Jessie, or x3900 and get on the list to move!

    —Submitted by Sue Morgado

    Director of Information Technology Support Services

    Please remember: LIS Technology Support would *never* request passwords or other personal information via email. Messages requesting such information are fraudulent.
  • Observe Heavenly Bodies for Free

    You may have heard that we have telescopes at the College but did you know that you are free to gaze through them?

    Wheaton has about 10 telescopes that vary in size and capability, all located on the top floor Observatory of the new Mars Center for Science and Technology. The equipment was acquired through various grants and also by purchases by the Physics and Astronomy department.

    I act as faculty technology Liaison for the Sciences and provide engineering and technical support for the telescopes in addition to co-teaching the Astronomy courses with Professor Tim Barker. I was here last year when the telescopes were moved from the old science center Observatory deck to offer a better vantage point for observation of the night skies. You may have noticed the domes on the top of the Mars Center—there are 7 of them and some of the telescopes live within them. The domes open by computer control to expose the telescopes as needed for astronomical imaging by Astronomy students and for research. When not imaging the heavens, these instruments are protected by their dome cocoons.

    For public observing, the new observatory is host to multiple telescopes on the new Observing deck. Some are permanently installed, aligned and calibrated, and others are set up expressly for Friday Open Observatory nights. An example of a permanently installed telescope is the fourteen inch Schmidt Cassegrain instrument that is installed on a Paramount German equatorial mount. This instrument tracks stars and planets accurately and is even accurate enough for satellite tracking, which is unique to colleges such as Wheaton. Smaller telescopes brought out for each public observing night range from four and a half inches in diameter to eleven-inch instruments. Each is uniquely suited to observing specific objects in the sky.

    The observatory is open to the Wheaton community as well as to the public. Throughout this semester, there are Friday open viewing nights when you can see various planets and stars. Depending on the night, you can get a close up view of our Moon or of the planet Jupiter and its orbiting moons. Observers meet in the old science center’s Hindle auditorium for a slide show describing what you’ll see that night before proceeding to the new observatory. Wheaton staff and trained students will be there to assist you and answer your questions. If you’d like to attend, please check the web site below to be sure that there has not been a cancellation due to weather.

    Once you have seen the Moon and planets through a telescope, I guarantee you’ll never look at them the same way again!

    Here is the schedule for open Fridays through December: http://wheatoncollege.edu/astronomy/observatory-open-nights/.

    —Submitted by Gary Ahrendts

Learning opportunities


  • NICE Lecture Series: Is There a Balance of Nature? Was There Ever?

    NICE Lecture Series: Is There a Balance of Nature? Was There Ever?

    The Balance of Nature traces its philosophical roots to the ancient Greek thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle. Ecology, as it emerged in the 19th Century and matured in the 20th Century, assumed a balance of nature to be the case. However, observations and research did not support such an assumption. If, in reality, there is no balance of nature, what steps should be taken to assure the conservation of natural ecosystems on Earth?

    Professor Kricher, who has taught courses in ecology at Wheaton College for over four decades, will discuss his recent book that examines why the balance of nature is a flawed concept and what implications such a view has for the future of conservation biology.

    • Date: Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
    • Time: 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
    • Place: Hindle Auditorium
    • This event is open to the general public and the Wheaton Community and all are welcome to attend.

    —Submitted by Judi Razee, on behalf of Norton Institute for Continuing Education (NICE). NICE is a collaborative effort of Wheaton College and EPOCH Assisted Living in Norton and is an affiliate of the Elderhostel Institute Network. Visit: www.nicecourse.org for other course offerings.

  • Lunchtime BINGO

    Lunchtime BINGO

    Mark your calendars! Lunchtime BINGO is back by popular demand. All are invited to come and try your luck at a new and improved Lunchtime Bingo. Thanks to your feedback, there will be three bingo games played beginning at 12:30 p.m.

    Come. Bring your lunch and see what other great improvements we have in store for you as you try your luck at Lunchtime Bingo.

    Date: December 13, 2012
    Place: Atrium
    Time: Noon (3 more games will be played at 12:30)

    Many thanks to the official bingo caller, Ms. Emily!
    Hosted by the Office of Conferences and Events

  • Staff Holiday Lunch

    This year's Staff Holiday Pot Luck Lunch will be held on December 19th at noon. More information to follow.

  • Save these dates for HR training and events

    • November 13: PowerPoint—Introduction & Intermediate
    • January 9: How to Facilitate Meetings
    • February 14: Mastering the Art of Negotiation
    • March 5: Celebrating 65—Making Sense of Social Security
    • March 13: Celebrating 65—Simplifying Medicare
    • March 15: Health & Benefit Fair
    • March 21: Celebrating 65—Retirement and Health Care
    • March 21: Service Awards
    • April 10: Preventing Harassment
  • Who Takes Care of the Caregiver?

    All One Health (EAP) Webinar: Who Takes Care of the Caregiver?

    Caring for dependent adults can be overwhelming. Caregivers and their families learn tips to remain resilient and identify resources.

    • Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm EST.
    • Phone (toll-free): 800-451-1834
    • Website: www.allonehealtheap.com
    • Username: Wheaton
    • Password: Employee



  • Genuine Vermont Maple Syrup

    Genuine Vermont Maple Syrup

    Looking for holiday gift ideas? Genuine Vermont maple syrup is a favorite pantry item that also makes a great gift... and Harold's syrup has a deep, rich authentic maple flavor because he boils it with wood, the old-fashioned way, in his sugar shack.
    There are 5 sizes available:
    • Gallon ($46)
    • Half-gallon ($24)
    • Quart ($13)
    • Pint and half-pint
    If you would like to place an order, please send an email message to Jenni Lund (Lund_Jenni@WheatonCollege.edu) by Wednesday, November 21. Jenni will bring all orders back from her next trip. Best of all, you will be able to pick up your syrup right here on campus!
  • House for Sale

    House for Sale

    Meticulously maintained NE colonial just waiting for you! Charming and inviting inside and out. Generous sized farmers porch. Beautiful wood accents, hardwood floors. Large dining area and sky-lighted kitchen. Formal living room, 3 bedrooms and two full baths. Deck overlooks tree and perennial-filled yard with storage shed and swing set. Maintenance-free vinyl siding. Forced hot air and central air conditioning. House is located in Taunton, MA (MLS #71447401) just 10 minutes (6 miles) from the Wheaton campus.  Move right in!

    • 1336 sq.ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms
    • Hardwood, central AC, nice yard
    • $234,999

    Contact: Erin Post (x5819) or Marilyn Breare, Weichert Realtors at 617) 256-7434.

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