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Staff News: March 2012

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    Cross-Pollination: Wheaton Farmers Market

    Now entering its third year on campus, the Wheaton farmers market continues to be a destination, drawing staff, faculty, and students out of offices and dorm rooms alike for a bit of fresh air and social interaction. And, the market continues to offer artisanal breads, organic and locally-grown produce, home-cooked meals, and a few craft items in an eclectic sampling of seasonal and sustainable goods.

    Wheaton-Farmers-Market-2At the core of “farmers’” market is the ideal of the “buy local, buy fresh” campaign. This seems to be a “growing” movement in the New England region that harkens back to our strong farming history. Supporting the “buy local” mantra keeps money in the local economy through patronage of local businesses, farmers, and the hiring of local trades people who are equally vested in the community. A good market builds community and provides a genuine sense of wellness through the healthy, organic food choices, and connects people to their food. Knowing where your food comes from is second only to growing your own food.

    I believe we have achieved that sense of wellness at the Wheaton farmers’ market. “Rain or shine” the market unfolds each week. The set up begins in a predictable state of confusion. “Who’s coming?” …“who’s here?” …“where can I park?” …“where are my keys?” …”where’s Rosa?” And, …”will someone chase down that umbrella that is blowing across the dimple?” After the chaos settles down, the spirit of the market shines.

    Wheaton-Farmers-Market-4Out of the farmers’ market initiatives other things have grown! Less commonly known is the fact that a growing portion of dollars spent at the Wheaton market are used to support social causes. The Wheaton market has become a place for fund-raising, providing both entrepreneurial and philanthropic experience to students. More and more of our ‘artisan vendors’ are Wheaton students seeking to develop an idea, expand an initiative, share a skill, and support a club or a social cause. It truly is a giving place, and I venture to share some of these details in this newsletter.

    It truly does “take a village.” With that many thanks to you on behalf of all of the Wheaton market-eers.

    Best, Bernice

  • ARTHive Logo

    ARTHive needs you!

    ARTHive is Wheaton College’s Art History Club, founded in 2011 and enthusiastically beginning its life on campus with a first ever ANNUAL AUCTION. The theme for this event is INVEST IN YOUR COMMUNITY: the art of community, a celebration of how the arts help to build communities on Wheaton’s campus, Norton and beyond. This year the proceeds from The Art of Community will benefit two very worthy causes. First, an organization in Providence, R.I. iCityarts! that has been delivering art education to students between the ages of 8 -14 years, presenting learning experiences in visual arts, design, performing arts and written arts through after school and summer programs.

    I write this article for the Staff News as Chairman of THE FRIENDS OF ART WHEATON COLLEGE. The FOA celebrated the retirement of Professor Emerita Ann Murray, June 2010, by naming a conservation and restoration fund, The Ann H. Murray Preservation Fund. The Fund will be the second beneficiary of the in-come from the auction. The money raised will be divided equally to each organization. As the Friends of Art are looking for ways to increase the bottom line of the Murray Fund we are delighted to be considered by Professor Ellen McBeen and student auction organizers: Blake Funston, Morgan Bakerman, Sarah Esrela, Emily Swalec, Ellen Eckhout, Alexia Rempoutzakou, Kirstie Parkinson.

    It is indeed a privilege for the FOA to have made a financial commitment to the outstanding collection of permanent art in Wheaton College’s collection. The most important job of any museum is preservation, without keeping art in prime condition a collection will deteriorate. The Board of The Friends of Art is committed to a large donation (for a small organization) to the Murray Fund; in the past annual donations have been between $2,000 and $5,000. The Murray Fund hardly has the opportunity to grow as the need for restoring works continually grows; we are delighted to be presented with an unexpected fund gift from ARTHives first Auction.
    Some important details and dates:

    COMMUNITY ACTION AUCTION DATE: APRIL 10, 7:00 – 8:30 PM, Holman Room, Mary Lyon
    AUCTION PREVIEW PARTY: MARCH 27, 7:00 PM, Hass Concourse
    SUBMISSION DATES FOR DONATIONS: MARCH 22 and 23, at Prof. Ellen McBreen’s Office, Watson 119

    Be creative….donate your talents or treasure! Professor Evie Staudinger has donated a tour of the NEW Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Professor Ellen McBreen will give a private tour of the 19th and 20th Century collection at RISD and Karen Dyer ’60 docent at the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem will offer a tour of the PEM and lunch. Donations from Prof. Andy Howard’s collection of photo-graphs and Gallery Director Michelle L’Heureux paintings are certainly going to ‘bid-up’! Don’t miss the chance to be there for our Art History students and their commitment to community. What can you donate???? Think graphic arts, think recently published books, think poster art, think serious and think fun. For more information go to the Auction web site: http://wheatoncollege.edu/art/2012/02/27/calling_artists/, the site will lead you to a sign up form.

    Save the date March 29, for the FOA annual Mary Heuser Memorial Lecture. This year Associate Professor Alison Syme, author of A Touch of Blossom: John Singer Sargent and The Queer Flora of the Fin-de-Siecle Art and an internationally known Americanist will be the speaker. The lecture will be followed by a reception with the opportunity to meet Ms. Syme. Everyone’s invited! More to follow about The Friends of Art and the Heuser Lecture in the next edition of The Staff News.

    Submitted by Karen Dyer ’60, Chairman of The Friends of Art, Wheaton College

Learning opportunities

  • Time Management

    An EAP workshop called ”Time Management- The Training You Don’t Have Time For” will be held on April 2, 2012, from 10:00-11:00 a.m. in the Woolley Room, Mary Lyon.

  • Five Habits of Highly Successful Investors

    TIAA-CREF workshop called “Five Habits of Highly Successful Investors” will be offered twice on March 27, 2012: the first session will run from 10:00-11:30 a.m., and the second session will run from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Woolley Room, Mary Lyon


  • Experimenting with Side Salads

    Join Wheaton Executive Chef Courtney Cournoyer as she shares with you a taste of Spring in delicious side salads. With spring upon us what is better than a fresh healthy salad. Courtney will demonstrate how to prepare some out of the ordinary side salads such as Toasted

    Quinoa, Dried Fruits and Feta; a nice fresh Salad Nicoise and a delicious new twist on a Spinach Salad.

    There will be plenty available for tasting!

    Don't miss it. “Experimenting with Side Salads” will be held on Thursday, March 22, 2012, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Lyons Lounge.



  • Support our furry friends by recycling ink cartridges

    The North Attleboro Animal Shelter is participating in an empty ink jet/laser cartridge recycle program, as well as a cell phone recycling program. All proceeds go directly to the animal shelter.

    Please contact Karen Carpenter at Wheaton College (508) 286-3846 to arrange pick-up of your donations, or donations can be left in a bin in the new or old Science Center lobby.

    Thank you for your support!

  • Maple-syrup-4

    Maple syrup

    The sap is running in West Newbury! My friend Harold is busy making syrup the old fashioned way, tossing 5-foot logs into the firebox of his boiler. It tastes better when it’s boiled!

    There are 3 flavors: A (the lightest), B (my favorite), C (dark and intense). There are 5 sizes: gallon ($46), half-gallon ($24), quart ($13), pint and half-pint. I’m happy to bring some back for you so you can have Harold’s wonderful syrup for the same price as the factory-made reverse-osmosis syrup.

    Let me know what size and what flavor you’d like.
    Jenni Lund (x5441)

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