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100 Years, 100 Objects Gallery Exhibit

Posted on February 18, 2013

So often we see event notices posted around campus or listed on the college calendar and think "Oh, I must to go to that." Usually though work or personal commitments take precedence and events come and go. Friday, I was immersed in my work when I realized the art exhibit, 100 Years, 100 Objects would come to a close that very day. I bolted out the door heading  straight for the Watson Fine Arts Building, leaving a mountain of work behind. After all, I told myself, I would only be gone a short time. Once inside the Beard and Weil Galleries however, something changed. Time was insignificant. The furthest thing from my mind was the work that I left behind. Instead I allowed myself to take in the many exhibits, mulling and musing over each object displayed before me.  Exhibits are like that, they draw you in. Great exhibits like 100 Years, 100 Objects, can take you places.  I recommend you visit any of the ongoing exhibits in the Beard and Weil Galleries for a similar experience.

100 Years, 100 Objects was curated by students enrolled in ARTH 335: Exhibition Design - Fall 2012. The course was taught by Leah Niederstadt, Assistant Professor of Museum Studies & Curator of the Permanent Collection, and Zeph Stickney, College Archivist & Special Collections Curator.  Please visit: 100 Years, 100 Objects Exhibit  to view the exhibit online in a digital catalogue.

Submitted by B. Morrissey
Photos: B. Morrissey

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