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Gmail and Google Calendar are coming

Posted on November 2, 2012

You've heard the buzz about Gmail at Wheaton... Get a head start now. Why compete with the whole college for support when the whole campus migrates to Gmail in January? It’s relatively painless and if you move now, you’ll have support all to yourself. (Oh, you lucky people!)

Here are some facts that will help ease your transition to Gmail and Google Calendar:

  • Gmail will be replacing Webmail for email. Webmail will be going away in January 2013.
  • Thunderbird will be the supported desktop email client (but you can use any client you want and we’ll even provide you with the settings you’ll need to set it up).
  • Meeting Maker will be going away and the calendaring system everyone will use is Google Calendar. This transition will occur in 2013.
  • Everyone will go from 5GB to 25GB of storage space (no more “Dear John/Jane" emails about going over your quota).
  • Once we have migrated over to Gmail and Calendar in 2013, it won’t matter what your mobile device is or where you are in the world. Google will be accessible. (See ya' later, Meeting Maker and Notify Link!)
  • We have already migrated 90 faculty and staff to Gmail and we haven’t lost anyone yet!
  • There are about 40 more people ready to go. Come on, call us… you know you want to do it.)
  • We have been gathering feedback from all the folks who have already migrated and making changes to documentation and to the migration process so that every future migration will be smoother that the one before.
  • We are committed to making this as easy as we can for you and have created a great migration plan to make it possible.
  • We have created a demo session to show you how easy Gmail and calendar are to use. The demos are quite popular and fill up fast so please continue to send your name into Sue Morgado (at morgado_sue@wheatoncollege.edu) or Jessie Durand (at Durand_jessie@wheatoncollege.edu) or call  508.286.3900. As the list fills up, we’ll schedule more sessions.

OK? What are you waiting for? Call Sue, Jessie, or x3900 and get on the list to move!

—Submitted by Sue Morgado

Director of Information Technology Support Services

Please remember: LIS Technology Support would *never* request passwords or other personal information via email. Messages requesting such information are fraudulent.

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