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I have a Facebook email address?

Posted on August 7, 2012

Facebook has done it again! In a very sneaky attempt to increase usage of @facebook.com email addresses, your @facebook.com contact info is now your only email address visible to people whom you have given permission to see them. It will be harder for your friends and family to contact you via third-party email unless you reset your controls.

The change hasn't hit all accounts yet, but it will roll out eventually to all of Facebook's 900 million users. I checked my account a little while ago and sure enough, judi@facebook.com was listed as my primary email address and each of my regular email addresses had a crossed-out circle next to it.

If you don’t change these settings, many of you will start getting email messages at a @facebook.com account that you probably would never have used.

Here is how to change your settings and show the email addresses you want to be seen:

  1. View your Facebook Timeline.
  2. Click on your About section.
  3. Click on Edit in the Contact Info section.
  4. You should see a crossed out circle next to your personal email address. Click to change it to the open circle. If you don't want your Facebook e-mail listed, mark it with the crossed out circle.
  5. Be sure to click on “Save” when you are through.

Your preferred e-mail listing should now be visible... again!

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