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Tennis fanatic Lynn Miller is at it again

Posted on July 16, 2012

"I missed competing so much last year having to sit out most of the summer due to an arthritic wrist—then the rest of the year to recover from wrist surgery. Now, I'm happy being back in my element and on vacation—which means competing! I won my first 2 USTA 60s events including one this weekend in Concord, Massachusetts."

"I can tell you that even though you don't need to be a great player to be a great coach, competing without question, helps me with my coaching. I am my own coach out there, and often ask myself "what would I tell my players if they were in this situation?" Today's 3rd round final was in the 90 degree heat and high humidity, a testament to perseverence and problem-solving. There's 5 more tournaments to play before women's preseason starts up in August, then it's time to concentrate on the Wheaton players again."

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