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Ed Tong awarded Heather J. Corbett '86 Faculty/Staff Unsung Hero Award

Posted on June 14, 2012

Professor Ed Tong is the first recipient of the "Unsung Hero Award"  and received the following citation upon his retirement.

CITATION: Edmund “Ed” Yut-Man Tong

 Your impact on students and Wheaton College transcends the biology department and the sciences. Your brilliant idea of combining a course in biology with one in art served as an inspiration for Wheaton’s Connections Curriculum – a distinctive interdisciplinary approach. You pioneered a service-learning program with a local hospital that has benefited students for more than a decade.

 You served as a catalyst for linking students and faculty beyond the classroom. You founded the Wheaton Research Partnership and have mentored hundreds of undergraduates through your own biomedical research. You received rave reviews from the National Science Foundation for your "Staircase Plan," gradually introducing students to the scientific method and ultimately engaging them in significant research projects. This has led many to pursue advanced study and successful careers in medicine, academia and industry.

 Your work in angiogenesis bridges Wheaton’s labs with a vibrant scholarly community. The importance of this work and your methods is reflected in the impressive support you’ve earned from the Sherman/Fairchild and Kresge Foundations, among others.

 Your holistic vision has also served to fuse connections across cultures. Whether leading Wheaton students on a trip to China or volunteering to teach Tai Chi, you bring people together.

 Edmund Tong, it is with great pleasure that we present you with the Heather J. Corbett ’86 Faculty/Staff Unsung Hero Award in recognition of your exemplary contributions to Wheaton College and beyond.

Congratulations Professor Tong.  Ed will still be seen around campus as an advisor for the Center for Global Education.

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