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Let your voice be heard! Get involved in the governance and life of the Wheaton community.

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Staff Council Members 2014-2015

The mission of the Wheaton College Staff Association, founded in 1993, is to give all members of the staff the opportunity for and voice in the governance and the life of the Wheaton College community. The Staff Association strives to contribute to the fulfillment and communication of Wheaton’s institutional priorities and goals.

This year's council comprises:  co-chairs Scott Hamlin and Chris Larrivey and members Gary Ahrendts, Stephen Angelo, Regina Carvell, Susan de Jong, Craig Kilburn, Melody Lothes, Sue Morgado, Courtney Newman, and Lora Sharpe.

The council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at noon in the President's Dining Room in Emerson hall.  Please join us for the next meeting!

The next meeting is Tuesday, November 11 at 12:00 p.m. in the President's Dining Room 1 & 2.  Please join us!  The agenda is below:

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Presentation from Ellen Hallett, Assistant to the President

Discussion with Margaret Fogarty '15 about Staff Appreciation Day

Reports of Committees:

  1. Communications Committee (Susan de Jong, Lora Sharpe)
  2. Employment Environment Committee (Jenny Heller, Craig Kilburn, Gary Ahrendts)
  3. Nominations and Elections (Melody Lothes, Regina Carvell)
  4. Professional Development Committee (Scott Hamlin, Gary Ahrendts, Barbara Lema)

Old Business:

  1. No Old Business To Discuss

New Business:

  1. Charter Review (Charter can be accessed through the link below)
  2. SC Terms ending Summer of 2015

Open Discussion:

  1. Sick Leave
  2. Anything Else?

Meeting Adjourned


Here is a link to the complete schedule for the upcoming academic year.

FY15 Staff Council and All Staff Meeting Schedule


If you can't attend and have something you would like the Council to address please contact a member of the Committee or email us at staffcouncil@wheatoncollege.edu.


Christopher Larrivey Regina Carvell Melody Lothes Sue Morgado
Scott Hamlin Susan de Jong Jenny Heller Stephen Angelo
Gary Ahrendts Craig Kilburn Lora Sharpe  

Click to read the association's charter


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