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  • Radio Documentary

    Michael Beneduce On Thursday April 18th, my visual sociology class gave a warm welcome to Rob Rosenthal, one of the world’s most renowned radio documenters and directors. Rob performed about an hour-long presentation, which covered different aspects and the importance of radio documentary and what it has to offer our understanding of humanity and the […] More »
  • Importance of Radio

    Janine Kopeski Rob Rosenthal, an accomplished radio producer and teacher, came in my Visual Sociology class to discuss the importance of radio. What makes radio shows different than most media broadcast is that the audience can only hear the show, they cannot actually see anything except in their imagination. Therefore, the radio producers must make […] More »
  • “We Don’t Need No Stinking Pictures”

    Brooke Powers Radio documentary allows the story to tell itself. As Rob Rosenthal, an audio journalist stated, “we don’t need no stinking pictures.” The combination of ambient sound, the active tape recording of someone performing an action, and narration create a clear sense of the story. In this way the listener is the “coauthor” that visualizes […] More »