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Profile: Syracuse University

Posted on December 21, 2010

Syracuse University is the final program in our series of graduate program profiles. Syracuse offers an M.A. and Ph.D. in English and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing.

The department, which is internationally known for its innovative undergraduate curriculum in English and Textual Studies (ETS), also has one of the most intellectually versatile graduate programs in the country. Recognizing the complex discipline that "English" has become in the contemporary university and in today's society, our graduate program is organized around critical studies of history, aesthetics, and politics. We have particular strengths in early modern literature, Victorian culture, American studies, and film, but cover other areas as well, and our outstanding faculty all share a strong interest in literary history and forms, critical theory, and cultural studies. The particular specializations of our diverse faculty thus allow for both continuity and flexibility in the work that students can do while in the program.

In the Syracuse Ph.D. and M.A. programs, students work closely with their faculty mentors and attend small seminars. Ph.D. students take a workshop that helps them prepare for the qualifying exams and their dissertation. Syracuse maintains close ties with Cornell University and the University of Rochester, allowing students to attend courses and workshops on all three campuses. Students can enter the Ph.D. program directly from the B.A. or with the M.A. in hand. To complete the M.A., students submit and defend three papers.

The M.F.A. program, which takes three years, culminates in a book-length manuscript of poetry or fiction. Exceptional M.F.A. students are eligible for a university fellowship, which includes full tuition and a $16,720 stipend. There are also six creative writing scholarships awarded to new students.

All three programs include teaching assistantships and fellowships. Multi-year university fellowships are awarded to Ph.D. students, alternating with teaching assistantships, and include a stipend of $21,170 and a full-tuition scholarship for 30 credits for the academic year. African American Fellowships are also awarded to six African American graduate students.

The deadline for all programs is January 9.

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