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Profile: University of Pennsylvania

Posted on December 6, 2010

In the second in our series of graduate program profiles of our sponsoring Consortium members, we will be discussing the University of Pennsylvania. From the English Department website:

One indication of our interdisciplinary orientation is that our faculty are serving or have recently served as directors of the Penn Humanities Forum, Kelly Writers House, the Material Text Seminar, the The Center for Africana Studies , the South Asia Center, and the Programs in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, Cinema Studies, and have won more teaching awards than any other department in the School. Our undergraduate Alumni have gone on to highly successful careers in advertising, publishing, journalism, law, information technology, and other fields; many of them participate in our Career Nights or have joined our English Career Liaison Database, providing a network of helpful contacts for current Penn English Majors.

U Penn has an English graduate program that enrolls 5 Masters students and 12 Ph.D. students per year. The terminal Masters program, which takes place in one year, is a challenging option for those not able to make the longer commitment of the Ph.D. program. Students provide their own funding.

Students in the five-year Ph.D. program all receive the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship, which covers tuition, general fees, and health insurance for 5 years. The total value of the fellowship for one year, including all benefits, was $53,000 in 2008-09. In addition, U Penn offers the William Fontaine Fellowship to African-American/Black, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, and Native American students.

The U Penn English department works closely with students on job placement after graduation, and over the past nine years has placed 66% of graduates in first-time tenure-track positions at a range of colleges and universities.

The deadline for application for graduate study at U Penn is December 15, 2010.

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