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Students . Growth . Action Initiative

Students, Growth, and Action Plan

SGA Executive Board Initiative
2012 – 2013

Since its foundation, the Student Government Association (SGA) has stood to support and advocate for the student experience. Every year, we attempt to assess the current social and academic attitudes on campus to determine the needs of the student body. The SGA Executive Board for the 2013 Academic Year has observed various needs throughout the student body and has identified an array of areas in which feasible and effective action can be made. Through extensive deliberation, we have honed in on a thread of common themes and ideas which prompt direct attention.

Within our proposed plan, we’ve focused our efforts to address these themes through strengthening current programs and initiatives, and collaborating with faculty, administration and clubs to create new plans that address the needs of our current student body. This is broken down into three concise tenets for categorization and intents and purposes: Students, Growth, and Action.

The formulated acronym of SGA² stands for the Student Government Association’s initiative of Students, Growth, and Action.

This focuses on the immediate needs of the matriculated student body. “Students” covers two key issues: the first is the enhancement of constants in terms of services provided for the students of Wheaton. This constitutes, but is not limited to, select students spaces (such as the Loft, Clark Athletic Center, and the Dance Studio), the online interweb and cyberspace that students use or can use on a daily basis, and the transportation options provided. The second part includes campus-generated projects that will introduce creative options and ideas that will heighten the individual experience.

Transforming Student Spaces, Visibility of Transportation Options, CyberSpace (The SGA Website, The Link, Career Connections), Zip Trips! and 5 Ideas for $5000.

“Growth” looks to promote the development and academic/social progress of the student once they’ve joined our community. Primarily, this tenet seeks to help students achieve academic excellence through educational directioning and a vision for post-Wheaton life and success. This includes connecting solidly with Wheaton alumni and trustees, prompting stronger academic guidance and composition of the curriculum, as well as emboldening the integrity of our students through a reaffirmation of the Honor Code.

Honor Code Campaign, Majors/Minors Fair, Alums in Residence, Student/Alum/Trustee Receptions and Connections Program Re-evaluation.

The final component of the Students, Growth, and Action Plan revolves around the engagement and involvement of the Wheaton students in taking the betterment of the community into their own hands. Within this initiative, we have included re-examining programming to address the effectiveness and frequency of student event coordination. Programming has been fastened with the inclusion of academic and strategic student-need based events (such as Flash Seminars and Career Service promotion) as well as the standard late-night event planning of student-run clubs and organizations. Additionally, civic engagement and awareness has been included in the form of supporting standing offices on campus such as Disability Services, to continue our commitment to creating a campus that recognizes all student needs.

Flash Seminars, Class Council Involvement, Intercultural Board/Programming Council/Education Council Collaboration, Collaboration Weekend, and Disability Services. 

Check out the SGA2 page for more information!


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