Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Student Government Association


Educational Policy Committee (Ed Pol)

Ed Pol is one of the most important faculty committees in large part because it is charged with maintaining Wheaton’s curriculum. All new courses, faculty/student initiated connections, reforms to majors/minors and any other changes to the academic structure come before the committee. Its members include: five faculty members with one faculty serving as chair, the Provost, the President and two students.

Connections Sub-Committee

The sub-committee has been tasked with reviewing all student initiated connections and making recommendations to the full committee. Its members include: three faculty members and one student.

Committee on Admission and Academic Standing (CAAS)

CAAS has a multivaried purpose. While it serves primarily as the “committee on exceptions” since it deals with students petitioning to: study abroad with a GPA below Wheaton’s standard, drop a course or take it pass/fail past the deadline, or anyother of a variety of petitions. The committee also awards grant money to students and helps screen Fulbright Scholar applicants. It’s members include the Dean of Students, the Registrar, three-four faculty members, a representative from Academic Advising and two students.

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