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Venture Fund

Venture Fund is a pool of discretionary money gifted by the College to support the student experience in collaboration with  the Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership Office. The main criteria is that events, activities and initiatives "improve Wheaton's curricular life and build awareness of the Wheaton community"

The 2015-2016 Venture Fund account has over $50,000

Applications are considered in the order of which they were received. To give all applying parties a fair opportunity to obtain monies from the Venture Fund, there will be NO retroactive funding or late applications.

The application is available on TheLink - All Wheaton College community members can sign in via their W# & password.

Apply to Venture Fund TODAY!

The Venture Fund will not grant more than $250 per person, per trip for travel expenses.

Venture Fund meets every other week. Applications are due at least two weeks before the proposed event.

Please submit all applications via TheLink and direct any question to Arielle Klopsis at sgatreasurer@wheatonma.edu

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