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Payment Information

Standard Payment

Students are billed once per semester for their tuition, fees, room, and board expenses. Fall charges are billed in early July and due Aug.1st; spring charges are bill in early December and due January 1st. Subsequent bills reflect any past due balance plus any new activity on the account. Monthly statements are posted for all active students unless they had a zero balance in the previous month and no new billing activity.

All student accounts are subject to the standard payment due dates unless the college is notified of enrollment in the monthly payment plan described below.

Monthly Payment Plan Option

The Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option helps you budget education expenses over the course of 5 months per semester. Your only cost is the $35 enrollment fee that includes toll-free education payment counseling and 24-hour, automated account access.

Families may budget any amount, up to their full cost of tuition, fees, room, and board. The Wheaton Student Health Plan may also be budgeted through the monthly plan. Miscellaneous charges incurred on a student account are not included in this service. Families will receive separate bills from Wheaton on a monthly basis if additional miscellaneous charges are incurred during the year, or if a student account past due balance remains unpaid.

To enroll over the telephone dial 1-800-722-4867. For more information, or to enroll on-line please go to the Tuition Management Systems, Inc. site.

Make an Online Payment

To initiate a secure online payment go to TMS Payment Center. This will bring you to the TMS Payment center for Wheaton College students. Click on "Make a Payment" and then choose Checking/Statement Savings or Credit Card and follow the instructions. Please note that if you choose to make your payment using a credit card, TMS will charge and retain a convenience fee of 2.99% of the amount charged.


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