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Posted on May 4, 2011

If you are unwilling to accept “NO”, then “YES” has no meaning.


  • a mutual, voluntary, wanted, enthusiastic, informed, honest verbal agreement.
  • respecting boundaries through open and free communication with your partner about sex.
  • based on CHOICE and is ACTIVE.
  • being able to communicate the type of sexual relationship you want.
  • knowing your personal beliefs and values and respecting your partner’s.
  • knowing that you BOTH really want and desire each other.
  • a process that must be asked for, talked about, and agreed upon every step of the way.


  • coerced, implied or assumed – even in the context of a relationship.
  • someone having sex with you when you are high or drunk.
  • silence or not responding.
  • someone telling you that they will spread rumors about you if you do not have sex.
  • giggling, changing the subject or squirming away.
  • someone forcing you to touch or be touched.
  • saying “YES” because you feel pressured or afraid of how your partner will react to “NO”.
  • someone continuing to pressure you for sex, despite your resistance or uncertainty, until you finally give in.
  • the absence of “NO” (Not saying "NO" does not mean "YES")
  • “I’m not sure if I’m ready”, “I don’t know if I want to”, “I think I’ve had too much to drink”…these statements, and others, mean “NO”

Consent CANNOT legally be given if:

  • The person you are with is incapacitated as a result of alcohol and/or other drug consumption
  • The person you are with is under the age of 16
  • The person you are with is unconscious, unaware or otherwise physically helpless

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