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Got Consent?

Posted on May 4, 2011

Sex is best when BOTH parties want it.
Remember to STOP, ASK, and then GO.


  • If you are too intoxicated to gauge or give consent
  • If your partner is asleep or passed out
  • If you hope your partner will say nothing and just go with it
  • If you intend to have sex by any means necessary


  • If you aren’t sure what the other person wants
  • If you feel like you’re getting mixed signals
  • If you have not talked about what you both want to do
  • If your partner cries, stops or is not responsive


  • When you have a mutual understanding about how far is appropriate
  • When you have decided how far is too far
  • When you are both able to respect each other’s boundaries
  • When you both can clearly express/verbalize your comfort with the situation
  • When you both feel safe stopping at any time

When your partner asks you for consent, it shows that s/he respects you and cares about what you want and how you feel.


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