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Research Assistant - WRP

General description

The WRP research partner will work with me on (1) current psycho-legal research projects examining developmental issues including projects examining court-ordered evaluations of juvenile offenders, and (2) the development of new projects examining what factors and experiences are associated with (and may influence) individuals abilities to regulate emotion, consider a long-term time perspective, resist peer influence and consider others’ perspective. Responsibilities will include literature review, collaboration on research design, organization of study materials, and data gathering, entry, coding, and analysis. The research partner may also be involved in the submission to and presentation of findings at regional and national conferences.


The WRP student will be expected to spend approximately 3 hours per week on research related tasks.

Experience/skills required

Experience with psychological research and relevant coursework are helpful, but not required. Interest and enthusiasm for research and the field of forensic psychology broadly are more important.

Days/hours per week

3 hours per week

Start date


End date




Pay Rate




Christina Riggs Romaine, Ph.D.
ext. 3616

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