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Classroom Assistant at The Pinecroft School

General description

Assist classroom teacher in a combined-grade K/1, 2/3, or 4/5 independent school classroom with individualized curriculum.
Must be FWS approved and have own transportation (10- minute, easy 6.5 mile drive).


Responsibilities may include correcting students’ work using existing guidelines, photocopying/collating work for students, small group tutoring in math, reading/language arts, science, social studies, Spanish, outdoor recess monitoring, researching materials on-line/identifying age-appropriate books to accompany themed projects, gathering information for students' use on specific topics using existing classroom resources with classroom teachers’ guidance, being an extra “set of hands” in the classroom for projects, conducting small reading groups or one-on-one reading with students, reading aloud to a class, assisting students with the writing process (one-on-one).

Experience/skills required

**Must have Federal Work Study**
The ability to be punctual and reliable is a must. Prior experience working with children is not a requirement. However, Pinecroft welcomes those with an inherent desire to positively impact the lives of elementary school children.

Days/hours per week

many available shifts M-F between 8:30 - 3:00

Start date


End date




Pay Rate




Jeani Warish
508-252-5502 or

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