Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Student Employment Office

  • SAIL Transportation Assistant

    The Transportation Assistant is responsible for planning the entire year’s Shopping Taxi dates, off-campus Boston-Providence Connection trips and updating the GATRA schedule. The Assistant will update the Transportation Board in Balfour on a monthly basis. They are also responsible for coordinating publicity, funding, and trip budgets. More »
  • SAIL Late-Night Programmer

    The Late-Night Programming Intern is responsible for the planning and implementation of bi-weekly, late-night programming between the hours of 10pm-2am. Programs may include craft nights, board game evenings, live performances, etc. More »
  • SAIL Club and Activities Assistants

    SAIL Clubs & Activities Assistants are responsible for maintaining and advancing marketing initiatives for the SAIL office while supporting student organizations on campus. Clubs & Activities Assistants are also responsible for coordinating leadership events including workshops and fairs with collaboration from other groups/departments. More »
  • Balfour-Hood Building Manager

    Building Managers are responsible for coordinating the operations and services of the Balfour-Hood Campus Center in the absence of, or to supplement the services of, the professional staff. They are also responsible to monitor the Campus Center and report any security concerns. Work shifts are from 8pm-2am. More »
  • SAIL Art Intern

    The SAIL Art intern will plan and produce weekly artwork for the Balfour-Hood Campus center chalk board and the Chase Dining Hall Chalkboard. The Arts in Balfour Intern is also responsible for scheduling the installations for the Hood Café Gallery. More »
  • SAIL/Res Life Front Office

    The Office Assistant serves as the first point of contact in the SAIL and Residential Life front office. They will assist the Administrative Assistant and SAIL/Res Life staff with the daily operations of the office and various projects as assigned. More »
  • Student Banker

    Works with SAIL and all clubs and organizations on the business process of accessing student government funds. This postition requires an individual with extremely strong organizational skills and work ethic. More »