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CORI/SORI information for students and supervisors

Posted on April 18, 2014

This summer all student employees who are working over the summer for the first time in 2015 and those students living on-campus for the first time in 2015 will need to undergo CORI/SORI background checks.  Students who are only working during Senior Week will not have to have to undergo this process.  However, if you are going to have a summer job on-campus, you will need to complete the checks for that job. Students who are starting work later this summer will also need to complete the checks. The Office of Student Financial Services will keep a master list to ensure that all student employees and on-campus residents have complied with this policy.


All CORI/SORI checks for students will be handled through Student Financial Services.  The Associate Director for Student Employment, Jenny Heller, will be completing the forms with the help of Barbara MacKenzie, Administrative Assistant, and Beth Canulla, Office Manager.  Our office's student employees will not be assisting in the process, handling any of the forms or have access to the results.

Please know that the results of the CORI/SORI checks with be kept in a locked filing cabinet here in Student Financial Services.

You will not be authorized to work until the results of the background checks are in.  Therefore, the sooner you come in the better!  It is our hope that you will drop off your RWAFs and complete your CORI/SORI forms at the same time.

For those of you who have already dropped off summer RWAF forms, Barbara and I will contact you via email and let you know that you need to come in to complete the forms.  You may begin coming into our office at any time.

If you completed a CORI/SORI check last year, you will not need to complete a new one again this year.

Any questions should be addressed with the Associate Director of Student Employment, Jenny Heller, at heller_jennifer@wheatoncollege.edu.

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