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Theses 2010


Stefana Albu '10
"Investigation of GABAergic brainstem projections to the dorsal raphe nucleus in GAD67-GFP knock-in mice: possible implications for REM Sleep regulation"

Sarah Amin '10
"The Angiogenic Effect of Tadalafil on Adult Zebrafish (Dano rerio) During Caudal Fin Regeneration"

Chapman Beekman '10
"Variation of Dopamine receptor genes in white-sided and common dolphins"

Emily Greene-Colozzi '10
"Wavelength Dependence of the Zebrafish Escape Reflex"

Maddie Keyes '10
"Exploration of the role of kinesin 9 family member, KIF-9, in ciliary motility in S. purpuratus"

Jacob Korzun '10
"Toll-like receptor diversity in Gray Seals"

Rob Manguso '10
"The role of kinesin-2 family member, osm-3, in ciliogenesis in S.purpuratus"


Aurelie Marcotte '10
"The determination of Methanosulfonic Acid (MSA) levels in an Ice Core From Southern Greenland"

Kamia Smith '10
"Colorimetric Effects of Host/Guest Interactions Between Cyclodextrin/Spiropyran Molecules"


Kathleen Carroll '10
"Determining the number of non-overlapping loops of regular polygons"

Lauren Kraus '10
"Using cluster analysis to identify relationships in old English poems"


Noemie Goff-Pochat '10
"Thermal weathering on airless planetary surfaces"

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