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Theses 2009


Julia Laurel Chen '09
"The Mechanism of Tadalafil Enhanced Angiogenesis During Zebrafish Caudal Fin Regeneration"

April Elizabeth Greene-Colozzi '09
"A Study of the Angiogenic Effect of Tadalafil During Zebrafish Caudal Fin Regeneration"

Amanda Sue Shorette '09
"Population Analysis of the Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys Terrapin) Using the Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I (MHC I) a-2 Gene Region"


Hilary Thompson Magruder '09
"Expression of GPER-1, a Novel Membrane Estrogen Receptor in Human Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines"

Blair John Rossetti '09
"Identification and Analysis of the Sea Urchin Ciliary Proteome"


Samuel Adams Beal '09
"Chemical Weathering along the Greenland Ice Sheet Margin"

Katherine Ann Burbank '09
"Electron Deficient Aromatic Alumoxanes as Arsenic Remediation Materials"

Julia Dekermendjian '09
"Investigation of the Polymerization of Copper Oils"

Caitlin Meara Glover '09
"An Examination of the Chemical Changes that Lead (II) Oxide Induces in the 18-day Creation of Linseed Oil Paint"

Beth Ashley Markens '09
"Differential Gene Expression in Patients with Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease"

Julia Rose Simundza '09
"Use of Microsatellite DNA to Establish the Genetic Relationship of Cape Cod Diamondback Terrapins"


Audrey Wright Sagar '09
"The Efficacy of Biological Control Methods in the Wheaton College Greenhouses"


Megan Eileen O'Sadnick '09
"Examining the Process of Wind Scouring as a Cause of Ablation in the Blue Ice Areas of Antarctica"


Liana Elizabeth Merrill '09
"Effects of Short-term and Long-term Administration of Bisphenol A on Sex Behavior, Body Weight, and Uterine Weight in Adult Female Ovariectomized Rats"

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