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Theses 2008


Kyle Judkins '08
"The Angiogenic Action of Tadalafil in Zebrafish Caudal Fin Regeneration"
Advisor: Edmund Tong

Alexandra Sabella '08
"An analysis of Massachusetts State-Listed Rare Plant Species in the Wheaton College Herbarium"
Advisor: Scott Shumway

Ru-Huey Yen '08
"The Angiogenic Effect of Levitra: A Zebrafish's Tale of Blood Vessel Regeneration"
Advisor: Edmund Tong


Ashlan Musante '08
"The Role of Mercury Speciation in its Methylation by Methylcobalamin (Vitamin-B12)"
Advisor: Jani Benoit


Jonathan Kay '08
"Examining the relationship between rainfall, discharge, and infiltration on Saturn's moon Titan"

Robert L. Michaud '08
"A dilational faulting model for the origin of pit chains on Enceladus"

Alexander Shvonski '08
"Time-Series Analysis of the Long-Term Optical and Radio Variability of BL Lacertae"
Advisor: John Collins


Rachel Bayless '08
"Knight's Tours on the Hyperbolic Plane"

Victoria Bennett '08
"KRYPTOS: Hidden Messages"

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